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John Shutlock

As I see it from my porch swing . . .

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

 Country folk help each other. I can remember as a child, if Momma needed a cup of sugar or a stick of butter, she'd send one of us children walking down our dirt road to the nearest neighbor with a measuring cup. I also remember Daddy helping to cut Carroll West's hay and feed his cows when Carroll was down with pneumonia. In the country, neighbors help neighbors.


And that is good, because God's Word instructs all of us - country folk and city folk - to be helpful, generous and kind to one another. We achieve greatness in God's eyes by serving His children gladly, humbly and often. 


Everywhere we look, the needs are great. Whether here at home or halfway around the globe, so many people are enduring difficult situations and circumstances. They need help and as Christians, we are instructed to serve them. 


Jesus came to this world, not to conquer, but to serve. We must do likewise by helping those who cannot help themselves. When we do, our lives will be blessed by the One who first served us.


"The meaning of life, after all, is not its duration but its donation." Corrie Ten Boom