While we encourage our church family to give their tithes and offerings during church services whenever possible, we understand there may be times when that is not the case. We can receive offerings through our members' individual bank accounts using their online banking system.  Instructions on this process are shown below:

If you don't already have an online account, go to your financial institution's online site to create one. There should be an option on the page for online banking, which provides instructions for setting up an account.

Sign on to your account and select the link for Bill Pay

Set up Wallers as a Company to pay:  

Wallers Baptist Church

P O Box 95

Partlow, VA 22534

phone 540.582.5703

For each payment, put in the Amount and Deliver by date.  Most banks have options to set up recurring payments.

This process does not send your offering electronically but creates a check from your bank account which is mailed to the church. For this reason, it is IMPORTANT that you put your name in the Memo or Description section for the payment. Also please send an email to the church Treasurer at to alert us  that you have submitted a payment. Once the check is received, your tithe will be recorded and deposited along with other checks.

If you have questions, please email the Treasurer directly to